9th annual Transmission Summit
Jan 25-26, 2017 -- San Angelo TX

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9th Annual
 Transmission Summit

Wednesday-Thursday -- January 25-26, 2017
West Texas Training Center -- Howard College 

The 9th annual Transmission Summit will take place in the heart of the West Texas transmission expansion and energy generation region.  We expect a powerful network of energy and infrastructure leaders, as the Transmission Summit presents a valuable opportunity for intensive business networking and the latest information exchange.  Our speakers consistently include virtually all Texas transmission service providers and multi-grid interconnection initiatives across the USA and across North America.  We also explore smart meters, smart grids, energy storage, high voltage workforce initiatives, and other energy & infrastructure innovations.  Intensified wind energy development, immense solar power development, and new natural gas fired generation interconnects are driving billions of dollars in new transmission infrastructure investments. Oil industry needs and oil region development implications for transmission and distribution are also an increasingly important focus, as well new industrial opportunities enabled by robust transmission capabilities.

2017 Sponsors & Exhibitors:

Indoor trade show exhibits and outdoor heavy equipment displays from $750.  Premium sponsorship opportunities up to $5,000 to showcase your initiatives, innovations, and industry leadership.  Click here for more information.  

    www.solaranchdev.com                               www.smartwires.com

                        www.NewAmsterdamGlobal.com                                    www.wtc.edu                                

  www.AbileneHighLift.com            www.raydon-inc.com      www.wtc.edu/collegeonthesquare 

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    www.NV5.com                   www.wtc.edu                www.TXUenergy.com
 www.swca.com           www.itctransco.com    www.cectexas.com      www.distran.com      www.mottmac.com                                             
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